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Airship International Press is proud to present this beautiful airship painting entitled, “The Final Moments”.  We believe this to be one of the most noteworthy aviation paintings ever.  This work combines the relentless accuracy of both its researcher and its artist. Dennis Kromm, who conceived and directed the work, spent hundreds of hours researching the Hindenburg and the Lakehurst Naval Station and Ken Marschall, the artist, who paintstakingly transferred Dennis’ research to canvas.  The Hindenburg’s design, construction, operations and modifications were all documented and noted. The painting is accurate in every detail of both the Hindenburg and the surrounding landscape of Lakehurst and Hangar Number One as they appeared on the evening of May 6, 1937.  Even the weather and light conditions were researched and are reflected in this painting.

All lithographs are faithful reproductions of the original painting and will be produced to full size, 19” x 25”, suitable for framing and display in home or office.

The Final Moments - A Tribute to the LZ-129 Hindenburgh, Lithograph 19" x 25"

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